Knitting mittens on circulars

Can I do this? I’m doing my first pair of mittens and I just read the pattern and I’m already freaking out :help: I have the dpn’s already, but was wondering for confusion’s sake would it be easier to do them on circulars?

If it helps it says to cast on 40 stitches.

TIA :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can get 40 stitches on a circ unless you have one of the wee ones (8" I think they are).

Are you afraid of dpns? They’re not that bad! After casting on and distributing your stitches, put the dpns on a table, arrange them so that your work isn’t twisted, and begin knitting. You’re only every knitting on one dpn at a time (not bad!), and the table will help keep the needles steady until you’ve knit a solid base and can hold the knitting like normal.

You can do this!! :thumbsup:

Chances are, you won’t be able to fit that small # of stitches around even the smallest circular needle. You can, however, use magic loop knitting (which uses one long circular needle to do small diameter circular knitting), or knitting in the round using 2 circs. You will find videos for both of these methods here:

I’ve never done Magic Loop, but I make socks on 2 circs and it’s VERY easy!

No, I’m not afraid of them, its just that I used them for my first socks and only got one done because of that damn ladder look on it and I kept trying all the different ways people suggested to make that stop and it hasn’t worked so I thought I’d ask if I can do it this way.

I already started doing them, its not that its difficult its just that it’s more of an annoyance than anything. Plus I’m waiting for the pattern part to begin and I just know I’m going to get that ladder affect again. :!!!:

I’m not a patient person by any means and this really forces me to slow down which I don’t like. Basically I’m a big doo doo head. :shrug: