Knitting/Math Challenge

How many grams of sport weight yarn would I need for a pattern calling for a minimum of 840 meters?

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Thanks in advance to anyone that can help! :cheering:

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What is the yarn made of? I have some wool dk, and some blend dk, and some cotton dk. I imagine they weight different amounts per yard. I think alpaca, too.

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I’m sorry, but you didn’t ring your buzzer in time. Next question. . . . .how many grams are in 840 meters of dk yarn? :thinking:

It’s Bernat Baby Coordinates (75.2% Acrylic, 22.2% Acetate, 2.6% Nylon - that combination doesn’t sound nice but it sure is pretty)

Well, just nosing around a little, I see that sport weight yarn usually ranges in the neighborhood of 100-125 yards per 50 gram ball. 840 meters = 918 yards. Soooo…about 450 grams? 500 to be safe? :wink:

I looked at the wool, the blend and the acrylic that I could lay my hands on.

The acrylic and acrylic/wool were both 50g and were 133 m long. The wool was 106 m long.

You can take it from there. :wink:

I just went to the Bernat website to post a picture and I saw the gram to yard/meter conversion.

The answer is 430 meters! (Next time I’ll go to the website first - doh!)

A shop I visited in Phoenix had a real nice owner that said she prefers patterns that give you the length needed instead of weight, i suppose it’s easier for substituting?

so, that makes me wonder… would the formula be that you take the gauge the label states and translate that into yards? Providing you knit as close to guage as possible, if you take the number of stitches you should get per inch by the number of inches in a yard. The label i hope also states how many yards are in the ball don’t they? i think bernat should…

I hope i’m not blowing smoke… questions like these help me to figure things out too…

p.s. the answer is Bismarck thank you! yes, the same as a jelly filled donut!

Do you mean 430 grams?? (If so then I was close! :mrgreen:)

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