Knitting magazines!?

It seems that my favorite knitting magazines aren’t the hottest ones. I don’t mind but I also don’t understand. :teehee:

I like Knitter’s and Cast ON. I want to be a better knitter and I have no local LYS or knitters to help me so I get my info from books and magazines. I like Knitter’s because they usually have a few patterns like. I haven’t subscribed to Cast On for a few years but I liked their helpful articles and their patterns were more traditional. Maybe they have changed, I don’t know. Maybe because I not hip and trendy but just a stay at home mom, the other don’t appeal to me much.

Am I missing something? Which knitting magazine has the best solid advice for knitting? Patterns really aren’t an issue for me as I have several old knitting magazine that I really like the patterns in.

What makes certain knitting magazine so great?

Please share your thoughts.

Christy in Michigan

My favorite is Interweave Knits. Different magazines seem to cater to different tastes so it’s no big deal which one you like best. :wink:

As for learning…I think I’d only consider a magazine, (any magazine) as an extra. They all seem to have some special technique they highlight every issue, but that’s it. For real knowledge I’d go to some type of book.

I like Interweave Knits, but I don’t like that they don’t list skill levels. I also like Simple Knits, and the ones you mentioned, but I don’t really care for Vogue or Knit.1 because they seem too “hip” for me…lol

I like Creative Knitting and Knit Simple, and I’ve just recently gotten interested in Interweave knits.

I like Creative Knitting too. I don’t know why Interweave doesn’ta appeal to me as it does to many knitters. I don’t know, maybe I do not feel identified with the patterns haha… I got the summer issue of Knit.1 and I like it at first, but then I lost interest in the patterns I thought I liked.:shrug:

I also get Creative Knitting, but I forgot to mention it. I have yet to make anything from it. They nearly all require seaming. :doh:

I just picked up Knitter’s and just love ‘Jaspered’ on page 72. I really like the idea that the whole idea was to find a basic pattern which FIT. This one is brillant and can be added to in so many ways. Knitter’s is a keeper.

Creative Knitting seems interesting so I went over to their website and ordered a free issue. I just need some motivation.:aww: