Knitting Magazines

Which magazines would you recommend? I’d like to pick up one or two later on, but I’d like to know what you guys read. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance! :muah:

All of them! :teehee:

I really like Interweave Knits and Creative Knitting; although I often pick up Knit N Style on the newsstands.


A vote for Interweave Knits here too…

There’s also a UK mag, Simply Knitting, which I HAVE to have every month… :smiley:

Yarn, which is an Australian mag put out quarterly is also v.good :smiley:

my fav:psst::yay:

Interweave Knits ROCKS!!!

I picked up interweave knits last week for the first time from walmart. I picked out a ton of patterns I love. If they are that good I will never be looking for a pattern again. Sadly that is the only knitting mag I have found up here so far. I will be interested in what everyone else reads since I will probably just have to go ahead and order on line to try them.

Interweave Knits is my fave hands down…Vogue a close 2nd. AND, fall Vogue is going to be a collectors edition! Much like Vogue Knitting, the best of the last 25 years that recently came out (Lonnie surprised me with it…it ROCKS, as does he!) the Fall Vogue will have the ‘best’ 25 sweaters of the last 25 years updated colors and yarns…I can’t wait! Get it as soon as you see it because it’s gonna sell out!

I get Interweave Knits and Creative Knitting. CK is okay, but I much prefer IK!

I like Jan, get Interweave Knits and Creative knitting, but I like most of the projects in IK much better.

I have creative knitting and knitnstyle… I like creative knitting more (right now) b/c it has some basic, beginner patterns to advanced. knit n style DOES have some beginner patterns but alot of them are geared toward the intermediate-advanced knitter… although their patterns are:inlove::inlove::inlove:

Thanks to everyone!!! I’ll definitely get IK and maybe one or two of the others you suggested. I really appreciate the replies! :muah::muah::muah:

Creative Knitting is my favorite.

:heart:Simply Knitting - I love it! :heart:

Can’t go wrong with IK or Vogue, but I’m also fond of Knit.1 and Knitscene.

I like Knit’n’Style, although Vogue, IK, and Simply Knitting. Basically when the new mags come out I flip through all of them and get the ones that have the best patterns. :slight_smile:

another vote for Interweave Knits - the sizings are great and the patterns gorgeous!

I guess which ones you go on depends on your style. Knit1 and Knitscene tend to have more quirky, kitchy (I know I didn’t spell that right. surely there’s an s in there somewhere), funky patterns. Mags like Knit Simple have, of course, simple and plain patterns that are easy to knit. Vogue Knitting is, I think, the most interesting magazine as I love their photography and they have exceptional designs. Sometimes their designs are exceptionally bad. Their patterns are notorious for errors, so you have to be sure to check their website for errata. But sometimes they are stunning and really innovative, much more so than any other mag. I also like Interweave Knits, and it’s probably the most popular because the designs are usually at least somewhat interesting but not too over the edge, so most of their stuff is wearable. I guess Vogue Knitting is my favorite.

i read your post and decided to get off my duff and subscribe to vogue knitting, so i just did. thanks for the heads up.

i have a sub for interweave knits as well and i love that mag.

I love Simply Knitting and subscribe to it. I get very excited every month when it drops through the door :happydance::happydance:
There aren’t really any knitting mags in the shops here, so I will have a look at your suggestions and see if I can subscribe to any of them.
Great thread, really useful :cheering:

I like Interweave Knits best. The others are all very hit and miss for me.