Knitting machines

Hi, I am thinking of getting a knitting machine and have found a few used ones locally. I was wondering if anyone could give any feedback on them.

One is a Bond machine. That’s all the info I have on that one. the other is a Brother KX350.

Does anyone have any feedback on any of these? How much do you think they are worth?


Hmm, I guess no one has one of these!

Would $200 be too much to pay for the brother?

I have had knitting machines before, and I think $200 is fine for the brother if everything is there. If it has a ribber it would be a fabulous deal. Without a ribber you will have to do ribbing by hand but you can still do the stockinette parts by machine. You can also do intarsia by machine, but you have to lay the yarn across the needles for each row but that is still much faster than by hand. I have heard that bonds are more limited. I don’t think you can get ribbers for them, but maybe you can now.

Thanks for the reply. I have never used a knitting machine before and thought I would ask here. I like hand knitting but thought a machine might help out on some large projects.


I had knitting machines but I got rid of them because I don’t find machine knitting relaxing but they are very fast. You just have to try it to see if you like it.

I really want one too! My concern is, is the knitting that they do tight or loose stitches? I saw them doing it on Knitty Gritty once and the stitches looked kind of loosey goosey. That concerned me. I like a good weave.

What did you ever do about the machine? I am having some issues and doing some research and wondering if I am missing a spounge bar on a KX350 I received from a friend who was cleaning out her garage. She got it at our ethnic club garage sale and knew the lady who owned it previously.
I find alot of information on google when I look, but no answers to the questions I keep having!!!

I am sorry but I can’t help you out here…but I am sure someone else might chime in.
I didn’t go with the brother machine. I found an old knitsmart at a thrift store for really cheap and bought it.
I haven’t done much on the knitting machine though…hopefully once things slow down around here!
Good luck in your search!