Knitting Machine

I broke down and bought an Ultimate Sweater Knitting Machine. So far, I HATE it. It takes a million rows before it stops jamming and just goes but, by then, you have quite a few ugly rows which you can’t take out. I have spent two days trying to figure out the rhythmn but I don’t have it. Do you think I can take it back to JoAnne’s opened and used? I hate it that much. I’ve resorted to hiding it so I don’t get angry for spending $$ on crap. Unless someone knows of some trick to get it to go better, I don’t know what to do with it!!!

It could possibly be a damaged machine. If I were you, I would take it back, and ask for a replacement. Then try that machine instead, to see if it works better. If not, then contact the manufacturer to get input from them.

There is a Yahoo users group called Incredible Sweater Machine. Mucho information there.

I used every curse word I knew, and then some, when I first got one. Now I use it mostly for the grunt work of st st. Since I knit for charity, the volume needs to be there. I can knit up a blanket in a day including the hand work on the trim. Can also do a whole bunch of baby caps at a time.

JoAnn’s has no information available (got mine there, too) and the Bond site is not very helpful. The Yahoo group is full of information and very helpful people.

Let me know if I can help you in any way.

Here is the link to the Yahoo group. You do have to join to participate, but it’s pretty quick.

Three things come to mind immediately:

  1. You HAVE to use that horrible black hem for weight.

  2. Wax the bottom of the keyplate.

  3. Go SLOWLY!

Thanks Rosemary!

Maybe I did get a lemon of a machine? I always use the black hem and I wax like crazy. I find that if I go too slow it totally jams and the whole slide part goes flying off the track, if I go too fast it skips too many stitches and then goes flying off the track. It’s almost as if it works OK for about 4 passes and then it jams all over again. I can never do more than 4 passes at a time no matter how big or small the piece. And the first stitch ALWAYS drops. I am SO frustrated. I also wanted to use this machine to make some stockinette stitching go quicker on my charity projects. Perhaps I’m not meant to machine knit or it’s a sign that I should have bought a more expensive machine. :slight_smile:

I have also thought of buying a more expensive machine. Since I am 68, it seems to be a foolish thought.

The first stitch is always a problem. You have to hold the yarn for that one. Then there can be no tension for the rest of the row.

The knitting isn’t resting on your legs, is it? Those weights have to be able to hang.

Are you only using 50 needles or less? I found that easier to learn on.

I am happy to help you in any way I can.

Oh, do you have it clamped tightly to the table? If it is too tight it will buckle slightly and not work properly.

Are you using the Simply Soft yarn that came with it? And keyplate 3?

When I had my machine I found that some brands of yarn were harder to use then others. Red Heart was the worst.