KNITTING MACHINE? Does anyone have one?

Sometimes I think I’d like to try one because it would be super fast. I wonder how easy they are exactly seeing that my sewing machine still is intimidating to me.

Just wondering if anyone has one?

Idon’t have one… but I have looked at it several times at HL… and I have been told by one ( that has one) that it knits super quick~!:think:

i was curious about getting a sock machine … i thought it would be great for all the multi colored yarns that would get lost in a pattern…:slight_smile:

I have several knitting machines. The reason I have several is because a knitting machine comes in different sizes for the different kinds of yarn you want to knit with. I have 2 standards, one of them is electronic and the other is a punch card, I also have a bulky machine for the heavier yarns. The sizing has to do with how far apart the needles are on the bed. Knitting with a machine will be easier if you have lessons. There are only a couple of companies that still sell knitting machines, most others have been discontinued such as the Brother machines. So more than likely you will need a private teacher. My Brother machines were made in Japan, the manual was originally written in Japanese. The translation to English sometimes is not very clear. You would have to determine what kind of garments you want to knit, what kind of yarn you will be using and do you need punch card or an electronic. The electronic offers more stitch pattern choices. And then there is the decision do you need a garter carriage for doing ribbing, or do you want another needle bed that attaches to the main machine for ribbing. The machine takes up a lot of room, and it is very noisy to operate. So watching TV while knitting is a little difficult. The Knitting Guild Association. or TKGA offers a correspondence course for knitting machines. You might want to check out their website. There is a real good article on there about purchasing a machine.

I have a knitting machine, but never use it. I have used it about 3 times long, long ago, but haven’t touched it since. It’s a shame, but I must confess I do not like machine knitting.

It takes away everything about hand knitting that I like. :frowning:

A few minutes ago, I posted a similar question, and then scrolled down and saw your post! So, I think that my question is answered. If you get any additional info, I’d love to see it. It sounds so complicated, I’m not as intrigued as I was…

[SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Yes! It does sound complicated alright. Silver, you sound like me… you used it a few times and that was that. (I still haven’t got real friendly with my sewing machine that I bought 2 years ago).

I wouldn’t like the noise I know that. And I think I probably like the knitting process better. Nannaknits (your 2nd post I see!) thanks for all the info. I didn’t know about the punch card/electronic types at all.
I did see some machines at a small, really fine yarn store in Kingston, NY.

I guess I was thinking about making sweaters quicker and for sale. I"ll check out the knitting guild article. There was a great article in one of the magazines about Karen Allen and her weaving machines. I’ll bet that’s a little more aesthetic (is that the word?) Maybe my hands were just getting tired working with this thick Lamb’s Pride:teehee:… thanks again

I purchased The Ultimate Sweater Machine at A.C. Moores. I ended up returning it.

My goal in buying it was to make easy large stockinette squares fro baby blankets and stuff. I had no plans on doing anything complicated-just squares. Well good luck. I worked and worked and could not get it to do a simple square. It dropped stitches all along the edges and if my movement across wasn’t perfectly smooth it dropped stitches in the middle too.

IMO it was absolutely was NOT worth the $ and I was never so happy as yo get rid of the darn thing.

Chel… I just got to reading your message. That’s incredible, what a drag. Good thing you could return it.

I think I’ll hold off for a while (not that I have the money anyhow right now). I have enough trouble with my sewing machine. :pout: