Knitting limbs of meerkat toy…on all one thread or separate pieces?

I am knitting a Sandra Polley meerkat toy. I’m stuck at the limbs. At the end of the arm pattern, it states to leave the stitches on a holder and then the pattern continues on with the body. No mention of breaking the yarn. Then, only after the section titled “To shape knees” do I see where the arms are reintroduced in the section “To join arms”, but what am I joining them to because,again, it reads as if I continue on after shaping the knees - no casting off or breaking of yarn. Is the breaking of yarn at the end of each body part assumed? I’m trying to attach photos of the pattern, but not sure if they’ll appear properly.

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Cute pattern. Often patterns won’t specify “break yarn”. What sometimes helps is to read ahead and plan a strategy. Maybe leaving the yarn attached to the main body but cutting the yarn from the limbs. The worst that happens is that you have to attach a new strand of yarn where you cut the yarn.
At the end of the arms, you could break the yarn and place the sts on a holder. The arms are joined under “Shaping the knees” after 20 rows of stockinette stitch. Use the working yarn on the body to continue.

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