Knitting letters?

I’m not new to knitting…but I’ve done very little in the way of anything…well, different than just a normal stitch. What I’d like to do is make some like, block squares with letters on them.

I have never knit with two different colors before…I have never done any kind of pattern with two colors or anything.

What I’d like to do, is make a blanket out of knit squares…and in some of the squares I want to knit letters spelling out our family name and stuff like that…I just have no clue how to make letters inside what I’m already knitting…with another color…am I making sense?

I feel kinda silly…'cause I’ve been knitting for 10 years, yet know so little…but I would really like some help with this if you could…thanks in advance!

am in the middle of dinner… so thismight help you quickly, but when i return, i will try to help in more detail (if you still need it that is)… scroll down to the intarsia method!

This is a good intarsia site, as well.

yes, the video and the link did both help…but I also need a pattern. I don’t know how to “write” with knitting and also don’t really know how to follow a patter that would show me…but I’m up and ready to learn…and would really like to…thank you both…

Here’s a very simple alphabet graph that you can use to plan your afghan blocks.

Get some knitter’s graph paper (free download here)
and adapt the letters to your design – you can make them thicker, taller, fancier, etc.

If you don’t want to plunge into multi-color knitting, here’s another idea:
do the stitches for the letters in purl stitches and the rest of the square in stockinette. You’ll get a single-color shadow effect.

Thanks so much.

I really want for the letters to stand out, so I do want to do the multi-color knitting…I just have never done it before. Also, I’m not really sure what I’m looking at as far as the graph shows…

(Sorry, can you tell I’m new to this!?)

here’s some more letters

okay, so how do I start with the two colors, but having only one color show up until I’m ready to make the letters? I’m sorry for asking so much…just not really getting it… :??

Another option you may want to try, is after you have finished your blanket, crochet your letters on, or you can use a tapestry needle to sew your letters on to each square. Good luck!

I don’t really know how to crochet very much…I do have a tapestry needle…but I really want to knit this…I’m up for the challenge…just need help figuring it out…

What you’ll do is just knit in one color, and then when you get to the row where you want your letter to start, you’ll join your new color in and then use the intarsia method. Does that help?

What you’ll do is just knit in one color, and then when you get to the row where you want your letter to start, you’ll join your new color in and then use the intarsia method. Does that help?[/quote]

how would I join in the new color?

Just pick up the new yarn and begin knitting with it. The only way I know to learn something is to just start doing it. It is ok to practice a lot before you get the hang of something. Just grab some scrap yarn and start knitting. You’ll get it!! :sun:

Use one long strand for each letter so you don’t have to cross the yarns between the letters. Play with it–you’ll get the hang.

There are several different techniques here:

I usually just tie a slipknot with the new color onto my working yarn of the original color. That seems to help both colors stay tight at the join. Then I knit with the new color. When I’m all done, I weave in the ends.

Sounds like this will be a really cute project!

I feel really stupid…I still don’t get it…I’ve tried but I have NO idea what I’m doing. I’m sorry…I just don’t understand. :shrug:

Each section of color needs it’s own strand of yarn. So you’d knit with your background color (bc) up to where the contrasting color (cc) starts. Knit however many you need to with the cc, then attach a new strand of bc for the space in between the letters. You will have a lot of strands for a full name, but you won’t have bunching.

When you switch colors, hold the color being stopped over to the left, on top of the contrasting strand, so that you bring the cc up from under the bc. Do this on every row to ensure that they twist and don’t leave a hole.

I’m thinking that intarsia for something as linear as lettering could get a bit fiddly, especially for someone new to the technique, especially for such a big project.

Especially when duplicate stitch is such a good alternative.