Knitting Leg Warmers with regular knitting needles

I am new to knitting and I about to knit a pair of leg warmers. I just discovered that you could knit them with regular knitting needles instead of using circular knitting needles. There is a pattern that I really want to use but it tells me to use circular knitting needles. Is there any way I can do the same pattern, but on regular knitting needles??

The main reason that you’d knit leg warmers on circular needles is to avoid having a long seam. With yarn, a seam all the way up the leg could be kind of bulky. Why not use circulars? They’d make the project easier by far.

If you want to experiment with using the straights, you’d have to reverse the order and orientation of the stitches on the “wrong side” rows.

So take row 1 and all the odd-numbered rows as the “right side” and knit them as written. Then on the even-numbered rows, you’d reverse the order of the stitches and change knits to purls and purls to knits.

There are several patterns for legwarmers knit on straight needles that are seamed. It would be easier for a new knitter than trying to figure out reversing stitches.

Is it just a stockinette stitch pattern? Here’s a few if it is.

Thanks for the links Jan. The one from Bernat is so cute Im going to make it myself.:thumbsup:

I need a small project to learn how to do seems myself.