Knitting Lace

I found this gorgerous lace pancho from a book called Wrap Style. I have never knitted lace before and thought this would be a great challenge for my upcoming spring vacation. I started knitting a gauge swatch and had trouble following the chart. I kept loosing my place. Any advice as to how to keep track of stiches when using a chart? I fear the phone will ring in the middle of a row! Thanks for any advice! :XX:


I use post-it notes above the row I’m working on. Once you have your first row done, you move the note up a row. When you knit the second row, you can refer to the first row to make sure you’re knitting into the right kind of stitch. If you lose track on a row, you can compare the stitches on your needle to the stitches on your chart.

Some people use post-it notes to mark which row they’re on, and you can also get a special board with magnets to keep track.

Darn, ingrid beat me!

You did add the magnetic board, though! :rofling:

Magnetic boards? Where can I find one?

I think most knitting and craft places have them. Webs, for example.

I got mine @ KnitPicks. When using lace charts I also highlight the rightside rows & leave the wrong side rows the natural color, like this :wink:

Thanks for the help!

I am signed up to take two lace knitting classes at my LYS. The classes are on two Saturdays later this month. This will be my first experience knitting lace. :rollseyes:

I have NO idea what yarn to use. We will be knitting “lace soap bags”. I plan to go in the shop on Thurday night and find out what the supplies are that I’ll need. Since this is my first time I really do not want to buy a $20.00 yarn for this. Anyone have any suggestions? I don’t even know what size needles we’ll be using yet. The smallest size I have is a 5 and I have some dpn in size 2. Other than that my needle sizes are all larger. :XX: