Knitting Knockers

Have any of you knitted knockers for charity?? I think this is something I’d like to do…

Hi - I was just spending some wasted time trying to find out about Knitting Knockers until I remembered my Knitting Forum! I understand they are for BC Survivors - which I am for 18 years - but not so fast - I showed up with lung cancer last November! But I’m getting an extended warranty on this one as well. My request is do you have a pattern for these Knockers? I sure would like to make one for myself and if it turns out -
I’ll make tons more.

The pattern is on the website I just linked!! :slight_smile: God Bless and I’ll be praying for you!

There was a bit on Fox News yesterday about a group knitting these. My dh just about spit out his coffee when they told what they were. LOL They showed a bunch that the ladies had already knitted. That is such a great idea. :thumbsup: My sister had a b----t removed and the “insert” she had to wear was very heavy. That was in the early '90s. She would have loved to have one of these. And I would have loved to knit one for her. Unfortunately she passed away from her second cancer almost 2 years ago.

Well, honestly this sounds like something I’d want to do for chairity as well. My great great grandma, great grandma, and Grandma all have had bc. I am at a HUGE risk for it, as not only is there all this on my maternal side, but my mom’s bio dad has many people with cancer, including himself. So it lays pretty heavy on my heart. I’ll have to talk to mom and see how she’d feel about my knitting bo@bs. :roflhard:

Hi, I am a knitter from the group who is Knitting Knockers for Charity.
We are knitters who meet on Thursday evenings and any other
day(s) we can at The Knitting Experience Cafe on Middle Street in Brunswick, ME. The owner is a wonderful person and her big heart is doing wonders for BC patients self esteem. Please consider joining us either at the shop should you live in the Brunswick, ME area or feel free to knit knockers and donate them in whatever area you reside.

[COLOR=“Blue”]I am sapphyre24 on Ravelry :O[/COLOR]

I have two friends who are breast cancer survivors and have made 2 pair for each of them :slight_smile:

neat! Reminds me of the Tit Bits on Knitty.

(no need to censor “breast” and “boob” on here, friends, they’re not dirty words!)

I know that, I just didn’t know if it would show up on some peoples filters. One of my friends has a filter that lets her get NOTHING, even medical wise. :slight_smile:

Mom’s reaction was crying, and she said she’d like that. My little sister (age 8 almost 9) was, “Oh Adanna, I’m okay with it. Just don’t knit THAT in public please.” ROFL I told her I might. Snicker.

Where do you donate them though? I looked but didn’t see a place to donate. :slight_smile:

I saw the links and didn’t see details for where they get donated once they are knitted. Does anyone have a link for this info. should we decide to knit these?

Can we knit this one instead of the Tit Bits, I was thinking maybe people would prefer to have a nipple on theirs?

Call your local hospitals and/or Cancer Centers. I am sure they would be able to point you in the right direction.

The group I belong to that knits “boobs”, puts rings, buttons, embroidery(for tattoos). The pattern does not have to be one for which “rings” are called for. Any pattern for them will allow you to be creative and and your own “flair” to them.

Cool! How fun to “decorate” them!!!

Okay, got this off of a similar thread on Ravelry-

The Knitting Experience Cafe
PO Box 627
Brunswick, ME 04011

What a great charity. I would have loved to have been able to do this for my grandma. She always hated her prosthesis. I will have to do a few in her memory.

I think it is so wonderful all the things knitters can do to improve the world! I am going to ask my friend who had a mastectomy if this is something she would like and also knit some for the cancer treatment center.:hug:

I am so touched by all the caring and love to be found here:grphug:

My mom saw just a few seconds of the bit on TV on CNN. She called me and asked if I knew anything about it. I didn’t and went searching. Found the info and the pattern. She is so excited about this. I got some soft cotton yarn yesterday and she stopped by today so we could figure out what size to make. I hope this works for her because she hates what she has now.

I feel gratefull to be able to make something for her that means so much to her.

I just sent two off with my BFF to give to her friend who had a mastectomy. The funny thing is, while I was finishing the second one (I made her a B and a C, not knowing which she’d need or like best) she called my BFF on her cell phone to say she’d just seen her doctor and is definitely cancer-free!:woot: