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Has anyone here ever knitted any jewelry pieces? I haven’t been knitting for long, and I’ve stuck with smaller projects like dish towels, a few scarves and such. Well the other day I thought of a wrist cuff, so I knit up a 3 inch wide cuff out of orange wool…my plan was to felt it then embroider a design on it, but alas it came out too small. So I’m gonna make another (bigger!) one. I remember a few months ago seeing this fabulous pattern for a choker on Ravelry, and me being of bohemian-type style love the look of jewelry that showcases the texture and interest of yarn. Anyways I was just curious of your thoughts or ideas…Thank you!

Welcome Susianna! I have not knit jewelry, but I’ve seen some that are just beautiful. For something fitted like a choker or cuff you will probably need a clasp of some sort. Felted things are difficult because the fabric shrinks so much when felted. You could make it larger then after felting cut to size and add a clasp. Here’s some patterns


Heya Susianna,

Sure thing. I’ve made a few knitted jewelry pieces. I especially like adding beading to them.

This was my first necklace :

There is also something like this - - that you can get really creative with.

Beading is actually pretty easy to incorporate into your knitting and can be very exciting. Also since you worked on the cuff perhaps you want to move on to gauntlets or fingerless gloves? My advice to you to always be open to learning new techniques and evolving with the art form.

Thank you for both of your replies. Jan you’re so right about felting, I love the look and feel of it but it is tricky to get the size right! I’ll check out those patterns thanks. And fancy pants I love that necklace! I have never worked with beads, and jewelry is the perfect place to try it out. Gives me something to chew on. Thank you!

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