Knitting is promoting family harmony and general goodwill

I have a new rule for my 12 year old…

Every time you are kind to me and your family- I will knit a round on your beloved Evangelines!! (eye-rolling and short answers of attitude subtract from the goodness)

We are having a blast!

That is a GREAT idea! Congratulations! Maybe by the time you get finished it will be an ingrained habit!

Oh, wow, that is really nice…

Your post reminded me of something the Yarn Harlot said during her talk today in Santa Rosa.

Someone asked her if her husband knows how to knit, and she was explaining how he learned to knit in school, and his father and grandfather also knew how to knit although they never felt the same way about it as we do. In fact, the mother of one of them (I think it was her husband’s father) used knitting as a punishment!

Every time he did something bad, his mother would cast on a number of stitches – more for something really naughty, less for a minor infraction – and he would have to sit and knit until he had a square-shaped piece of knitting.

And the capper was that when the punishment was over, his mother would [I]rip it all out and rewind it on the ball[/I] until the next time he got into trouble! I guess that would sort of tend to kill your love of knitting.

I’m glad you found a way to make knitting a positive thing for your family. :thumbsup:

Good deal… Maybe when she’s in her twenties you will finish… Just joking. I have a 13 yo and the eye rolling is so frequent, I thought sure his eyes weren’t attached by anything and that they’d roll right out of his head. :flirt:

That is just awesome. I wish there was something my 6 yo wants knit, I would use it with her.