Knitting IS a spectator sport (Cat Lovers Rejoice)

My one cat Batty (Batman, 3 yrs) is only happy when I am knitting. He can be anywhere in the house, but within a minute of me picking up my knitting he is in my lap. If the string is near his paws he will ‘hold’ it… but other than that this string lover doesn’t touch the yarn.

Last night, around 11pm I reminded my DF to take a pic… and then something amazing happened… Rebel (12 yr old Female) jumped up and kicked Batty off of me. She then proceeded to snuggle up on my chest while I knitted away for an hour or so. Then she ran off to get food, and then Boots (10 yr, male) woke up and came out of the bedroom. He decided he wanted to cuddle, so he jumped up and cuddled while I knit for a half hour till got up to go to bed.

I’m fortunate that none of them care about the yarn.

I showed that to my cat (who is NOT a lap cuddler) and tried to convince her that this is how cats should behave. Her response was to go give herself a bath in the bedroom. :roflhard: Good to know that your cats enjoy your work! :teehee:

My cats don’t bother me when I’m knitting, they wait til I’m reading then try to sit on the book! :teehee:

Beautiful kitties, by the way!

lmao, yup that’s what my Boots does. he hates when i read. i am supposed to look at him. lol

I’ve been laying/sitting on the my couch island all day (feeling a bit under the weather) and Miss Monkers has been snuggled on my lap for most of that time. Or on my legs. Or next to me. For a few minutes she was snuggling with the dog…must have been desparate :teehee:

As a general rule, Monkers can be ignoring me, but as soon as the needles and yarn come out, she’s in my lap, ready to snuggle. :heart:

:teehee: Gideon is a cuddler… when he sees me heading to the couch or rocking chair he comes a running… all of my knitted items have a bit of his hair in them… :oops:

He likes to sit in a book too… or right in front of the computer screen…

:teehee: My Binky is like that too, very much a lap kitty and very polite when I’m knitting.
I wonder if it’s some sort of Cat Union bylaw… “when your person takes out a fiber of some sort with implements of manipulation of said fiber, you the cat must commense affectionate type behaviors regardless of your normal day to day demeanor”

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Mostly all the cats ignore my knitting, but if there is a yarn dangling that’s just too much temptation. :teehee:

Martini aka Monster, Monkey, Terror Beast, etc… -7mos old

Marshmallow - 15.5 yrs old

This is one of my three ‘helpers’ Matilda. She’s about 4 months old now and such a love… Yarn is one of her favorite things to attack.

Ooops… I’ll resize that pic later and post it.

those pic are nice! they look professional.

None of my cats are lap cats. My little Cookie likes to jump on lap for about 10 seconds while I am on the computer. The others could care less. When I started knitting Oreo would just sit on the yarn but he hasn’t done that lately.

I love looking at everyone’s cat pics…I like kitties but dh is allergic so we can’t have one… :frowning:

Beautiful charming faces of kitties you ladies have.
Jan, that Martini sure has sharp looking features… real “cat eyes” :heart:

Jan in CA-I just love that pic of Marshmallow! I grew up with Himalayans and siamese so they hold a special place in my heart. I love my “mutt” cat Hobbes but after she is gone (she is 20) I want to find me a Maine Coone (or Himalayan, siamese or the like, or all!) :teehee: But could it be that she is a Ragdoll?

Marshmellow looks birman.

Kasmir is always searching for my lap. If I’m sitting then she is on me. Love it. She always helps me knit and adds her own fiber to the finished piece.

Wow! Such well behaved cats. My cat, Stan, sits on my lap while I knit. Lets me think he is not interested in the yarn. Then, when I have let down my guard, he bites the yarn, viciously!

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