Knitting Irish Sweaters


Has anyone bought or used pattern from these guys -

I love the choice of patterns but each one cost like $30 dollars.

  • Any one use one of these patterns when knitting Irish sweaters - are they any good
  • Easy to follow?
  • Anyone know any other good place to get Irish Sweaters Patterns (for free would be great) willing to pay also.

Love to get 3 or 4 patterns at an good price!

Those sweaters look GREAT. I’ve never ordered from them but I’d like to (eventually). You can always look on for other patterns.


Hi Knitcandy,

Sometime I feel like in looking for a needle in a haystack on Raverly! There’s so much there ! I haven’t really found anyone with really good Irish sweater patterns. Easy to find some cable knit sweater but I’m looking the proper heavier Aran Sweaters. The ones that take like a few months to make. I like looking at the Clanaran site for ideas haven’t seen other sites with as many sweaters.

If I find any good ones I’ll share I’m going to look around for a hour here and these this week.

I knitted this jumper last year It’s a Drops pattern and I know a lot of people don’t like them but this one was easy enough to work with.

Hi all,

I’m getting it hard to get patterns. I want traditional Aran Sweater patters like they but I’m getting it hard to find anything good.

I haven’t tried these patterns or kits but they look interesting to me:

Ravelry (free to join) also has a number of Aran knits in all sizes from dolls to adults:

Is there a particular pattern stitch that you’re interested in?

Thanks, I like the Aran Garments but maybe something different than the cable ties. Maybe honeycomb, diamond or basket… Some good ideas here