Knitting into the back of a yarn over.

I’m working on my very first knitting project. The project is a pair of fingerless gloves. It’s ambitious I know, but I’m having fun learning all the different stitches and trying to unravel the puzzle.
However I’m becoming stuck.
In one row the instructions are to k, yo, p, continue established pattern, p, yo, k,
Then on the next line the instructions when you reach each yo mentioned above you are supposed to 'k into back of yo.
I’m doing something wrong as I’ve been getting holes at these places and there aren’t any holes in the picture. Also my stitches are supposed to be increasing but they aren’t consistently. They either stay the same, increase by one or decrease depending on the different ways I’ve tried this.
Does anyone have and ideas what I might be doing wrong?

This is how to knit through the back loop (tbl)

The yarn over should keep giving you an extra stitch each time it’s worked. The increase may be balanced by a decrease in the same row, however.
Do you want to give us an example of a row that doesn’t work out to the correct stitch number? (Don’t give us the whole pattern because it leads to copyright problems.)

Remember that a yarn over doesn’t use any stitches. It’s just yarn wrapped once around the needle, then you go one with the next stitch. When you knit (or purl) a yo through the back, it tightens the stitch to minimize the hole. There’s still a hole there, it’s just smaller. The sample they’re showing may have been washed, blocked or otherwise messed with, which will tend to even out tension and hide small holes.

If you really don’t like the look of the holes, you can do a make-1 increase. There are several ways to do those, some of which are nearly invisible.

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