Knitting into back of stitch

I’m really not as dimwitted as this might make me seem, but I just started knitting, well actually making things, and I’ve read alot and have made the prerequisite neck warmer (3x3 rib), beanie, scarf, etc. and Im starting an “easy sweater” pattern in a book I have. the first row says
"Row 1: knit one row into back of stitch".it then goes on for six more rows of knit 1 row, purl 1 row to make the “curled edging” and i don’t want to mess up or anything, so what exactly does that require me to do?

well first of all, i would say that if you are doing this in the first row, you are probably reeeeeeeeeeally going to want to make sure that you are casting on nice and loose…

but that being said, watch this little video and it should show you pretty clearly what you are doing. easy enough really…just need to get a visual to see what that means. first time someone said that to me i think i looked at them completely blank!

Oh goodness how i am loving these videos! That does make sense then, i love understanding things, thank you. its so hard just doing things from books and the itnernet

i agree…i sat there looking at flat books and pics and could not figure out where the needles were going or anything. Amy taught me everything but how to cast on and do the knit stitch! :thumbsup: