Knitting in the stitch below?

help, I have a pattern that is asking me to knit next st int the row below. How do you do that??? :XX:

Check out this illustration.

Hope that helps…

Here’s a link to a post within, with examples of the plain technique and with slants. These techniques are shown with pictures.

Don’t y’all ever look in the Abbreviations Explained section? :rollseyes: Maybe I should call that section “Everything Else.” LOL.

It’s under “kb.”


I didnt realize you had all the videos indexed there! WOW! I DO Think you should change the name of that page, Amy…I never looked because every pattern Ive seen explains the abbreviations used in that pattern.

I agree. :wink:
Maybe call it “Abbreviations Explained w/ some Videos”. Okay, maybe that’s too long :oops: How about “Say What??”; that ought to grab attention. :??

Don’t y’all ever look in the Abbreviations Explained section?

:oops: I stand accused. :oops:

Never thought to look there before, just thought it was an explanation of abbreviations, not paired with visuals (which btw, is an excellent idea). I should have known better…knowing how well thought out this site is …

I also should have known a reference to another forum would be the final straw and the catalyst for Amy’s reminder. LOL Sorry!