Knitting in the round question

How do I stop the gap that forms when I knit on circular needles?

Where is the gap?

Its at the part where you connect the end of the round to the beginning of the round.

When I join, before I start knitting in the round, I pass the first CO stitch to the other needle and then pass the last CO stitch over to the other needle - it crosses the them. I then start my round. I’ll place a marker for the begining of the round. If I’m working with double points, I’ll knit a few stitches from the begining of the next needle every couple of rounds.

When I’m finished the item, I will use the end of the CO yarn to sew/pull together the CO edge of my item, if there is a slight gap.

I do the join differently - I CO 1 extra st and knit it together with the 1st st. Either way snugs it up nicely.