Knitting in the round question

Hi.:grinning: I was wondering could a person use 19 ",24 inch circulars needles for the magic loop or the traveling loop?:thinking:

A 32 or 40 inch works better but you could try the 24 inch if that’s what you have. A very flexible cord helps.

Magic loop won’t work. Just not enough cable, but you can try traveling loop (aka single loop). I don’t like it because I feel it stretches the join too much, but I know some people do it. I absolutely has to be a very flexible cord.

One more way to use circulars is use two. I often do that. No needles to lose as they are always attached.

I make it a habit to knit two (or what feels right for the pattern) from first needle onto the next one. That way I’m not changing needles in the same spot which makes no holes or loose stitches. It works for me.