Knitting in the round methods

There are so many methods of knitting in the round…I am working to develop a method that is actually double knitting but open between layers – and it is worked on 2 straight needles! What’s more - when knitting a pair of socks the last row leaves the stitches in a perfect orientation to work the kitchener stitch…Does this sound like a good idea or just another, ML, loom, dpn, circular needle (did I leave a method out?) nightmare?!

you mean simple double knitting? sorry but you’re unventing it.

the process… cast on even number (yes it can be done with odd numbers, but its easier to learn with even.

Row 1 (and every row)
*K1, bring yarn forward (as if to purl) slip one. bring yarn back (as to knit) and repeat from *

I’ve knit glove this way (starting with the finger tips, and knitting all 4 fingers, then joining fingers to make hand, and latter adding a pre knit thumb–(and now getting to hard part, decreased to make a thumb gusset… and ended with a ribbed cuff.

I am a big fan of double knitting… starting in LATE APRIL of 07, there is an 8 part tutorial on all sorts of double knitting on my blog…–including a link to a youtube video for a modified long tail cast on…

if you are on ravelry, you can see some of my double knit projects… (hat, vest and a dozen +potholders)

Thanks so much for your reply! I will go check you out, with excitement and anticipation!

Sorry, I see where it sounded like I was claiming to “invent” a method - I’m sorry it came off like that…it’s because when I say “develop” I mean writing patterns for a variety items: hats, socks, gloves, mittens and more USING the double knit method and am curious to know (as I see many people struggling to find an “in the round” method that is comfortable for them) --whether these patterns are desireable…