Knitting in the round HELP!

Please help me! This is my first time knitting in the round. I’m trying to make the Lion Brand Landscapes Flapper Cloche hat. The problem is that the pattern says to use size 13 DPN and cast on 224 stitches…but it is almost impossible to keep that number (56 on each needle) of stitches on 4 needles because the yarn is so thick. Is it possible to start the pattern on size 13 circular needles and then move the stitches to DPN when the number of stitches decrease? If so, how do I move the stitches to DPN once i’ve started on circulars?

i can’t imagine why you would have to start that on DPNs! That is a lot of darn stitches. I would absolutely start with a Cir and switch to DPNs when it decreased too much. I would guess that htey are starting you on DPNs so you don’t have to have two sets of needles but i could be wrong. but looking at the pattern i don’t see why you can’t…i would just do it. you are joining and all that right away…craziness…use the circ. I would think you could do that on a 24 inch even if you didn’t have a 16!

Yes, of course you can use a circular needle.
Actually I don’t see how they fit 224 stitches on DPNS :shock:
That’s about 2m if I’m right.

To switch from circulars to DPNS, you just slip the stitched to the DPN as if to purl.

Edit: Darn, I’m just second :lol:

thanks so much! I have been going crazy trying to get all the stiches to fit.