Knitting in the round help needed, please

Please help, I am knitting the round and as I am decreasing on circular needles the cords are too long and stretching out the stitches. The project started with 240 stitches on 29” cable needles and decreases to 8 stitches. Do I have to somehow transfer the project to needles with shorter cables? Or what do I do to solve the problem?
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You could continue with the circular needles using magic loop or you can use another technique for knitting small diameters in the round, 2 circulars or double pointed needles. See the 2nd topic here for Small Diameter knitting:
You can knit the sts onto the dpns or 2 circulars if you choose to go that way.

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Thanks for your reply and helpful videos. The magic loop method looks like it will be the easiest to transition to.
I truly appreciated the suggestions.

Magic loop is great! I use it to start then no changing needles when you decrease. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I’m in the middle of project :flushed:
I’m going to try to transition to the magic loop method.


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Changing to any other method is easy…just start knitting with the new needles. :slight_smile: