Knitting in the Round - Double Pointed to Circular

Does anyone know if a knitting pattern in the round needs to be changed or modified if it is switched from double pointed needles to circular needles of the same gauge?

There should be no change from dpns to circular needles. Doesn’t matter either whether you use a small circular, two circulars or magic loop.

Thank you!!! This is helpful to know. :slight_smile:

I only add: If the pattern is written for dpn then knowing which stitches should be on which needle (working on circulars) can be important. I use stitch markers to know which “needle” I’m on. That is, a marker at the end of needle 1 stitches, another for the end of needle 2, and if needed one for the end of needle 3.

oh, I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll put markers where the dpns separations are, just in case. Thank you!