Knitting in the round. Attaching ear flaps using 3 needle bind off


Desperate for instruction on how to attach ear flaps using a 3 needle bind off … on a circular needle.

The ear flaps were knitted as separate pieces on DPNs. Then used round needle to cast on 80 stitches. Here is the disconnect…

Round 1: knit 10 stitches, then using the 3 needle bind off technique, join across the first ear flap, knit 28, join across the second earflap, knit 11.

HELP! How do you join across the earflap?

Do you have a pattern link and name please? Don’t post the pattern here just the link.

It is a pattern from a book ( loopy pixie from baby beanies: happy hats to knit for little heads) so no link available.

There’s almost always at least a link to a picture. Best is if it’s a link to a Ravelry page because it’s there you can read the comments and project notes from other knitters. :slight_smile:

Based on the picture I’d say it’s like any other 3 needle bind off. You should have left the ear flap stitches on the needle. So you knit on the hat band to the point where you add the ear flap. Hold the ear flap stitches next to the stitches on your left needle. Knit one stitch from each needle together across the ear flap stitches then continue to the next ear flap and repeat.

Have you done three needle bind of before? It’s the same method. This woman explains how she did it which should help, too.

Thank you! For some reason my brain wasn’t getting it but your explanation cleared it right up. Can’t wait to get started tonight…

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