Knitting in the Dark?

So my new-found talent this holiday is to knit in a darkened family room while I watch all our new DVDs with my husband. I’d be happy to watch them in the light, so I could knit fast and easily, but, I’m getting pretty good at the in-the-dark style. I’m working on a little dress for my GD Lexi. Hope she likes it (she’s only 3 months old, I think she will). We’ve watched Da Vinci Code, MI III, and Zathura. Very exciting all 3.

That’s fabulous! My best friend got me a pair of the light up needles for Christmas. I’m eager to try them but I’m in the midst of a sweater for my baby :slight_smile:

You know, when I was first learning how to knit, my knitting instructor said that she brings her knitting to movie theaters to knit–I was AMAZED! :noway: Here I was, barely able to cast on, and this lady was full-fledged KNITTING IN THE DARK!!! :notworthy: But I think she had been knitting since she was like maybe 8, and I thing she was maybe in her early 40’s, so it was very second nature for her after doing it for like 30 years. She said that she was able to knit more by “feel” than looking in a situation like that, and I thought, “I’ll NEVER be able to do that!” Well, as it turns out, I do most of my knitting at night, in bed, with a little desk lamp on my floor, casting very poor inadequate light onto my knitting. :teehee: And so I’ve somewhat learned to knit by feel; although not to the expertise and degree that she was I’m sure. I’ll bet that you’re learning to “knit by feel” too, Lori! (if you weren’t already able to do it before)

I love to knit in the dark…but all I can do is knit! No purling, binding off or casting on. I do my chairty knitting of garter stitch squares or simple preemie blankets whenever we go to the movies.

I just got the new light up needles and I love them sooooooooo much. Whenever I knit in movie theaters and such I would always make mistakes, so I worked on stocking stich benies (no turning, no purling. Just knit knit knit) but know I can knit whatever I want! :cheering:

everybody keeps offering to gift me with the light up needles so i can knit at the theatre but i just can’t do it. first of all they are straights and i have no interest in using straights but i can’t help but feel like i am going to be toooooo distracting with those. I do occasionally use my cell phone to cast light when i need to count but otherwise just knitting away to the light of the screen.

I was just getting all panicky because I didn’t have anything on the needles and i can NOT go to a movie anymore without my sticks and string. i can now figure out which movie i want to see tomorry cuz i have a sock on my new KP Options! :happydance: