Knitting in the car at night

We are leaving for a road trip on the 4th. I don’t want to use glow in the dark needles. Is there a little light I’d be able to use without completely distracting my husband while he drives?

I’ve used a little clip on book/craft light clipped to my shirt and pointed down at my knitting…works like a charm! :thumbsup:

I got this one at Target

how about a miner’s lamp?

Oh, wait, you said NOT distracting. :doh: :wink:

Y’know, I remember my kids getting as some “prize” doodad for a fundraiser at school a little light that was on a clip you wore on your ear…I wonder where such a thing could be bought.

OK, it was kind of like this thing…but much cheaper.

If you wore it on your right ear, it wouldn’t be that noticeable, would it?

I vote for night vision goggles. Oh so sexy, too!

Someone on my crochet forum found these finger lights to use in place of lighted hooks or needles.

That’s small and inexpensive but I imagine with knitting and being on the finger it will be moving up and down creating a distraction…also I don’t think I could knit with something on my finger like that.

I have asked a few sellers on ebay if I can get these in time for my trip, they aren’t too expensive, under $15 :slight_smile:

I have the same thing as BinkyKat (twins!)…

It does work really well when clipped to your seatbelt… i used mine a lot on a long roadtrip last summer.


I suggest checking at your local auto parts retailer(even Walmart’s parts and accessory dept.) and look for one of the small map lights. The kind with a flexible stem, they are powered via the lighter/accessory sockets in your car. Just bend it to point the light where you need it. It will also come in handy if your DH needs to see his map. Other than that I would suggest one of the “snake light” flashlights, you can drape it around your neck, and aim it just where you need the light to fall on your knitting. I used on of these for a in bed reading light for a couple of years, and it worked very well. I hope you enjoy your trip.

I have tried 2 different models of clip-on book lights and I havent found them bright enough, but additionally, the width of the beam they provide is too narrow. I LIKE the idea of the snake light around your neck!

I was at my LYS today and they had knitting needles with lighted tips! I have never seen them before and I can’t remember the name of them. But the lights on the needles are bright enough to see what you are knitting but not enough to brighten a large area.

As a confirmed bookaholic, I’ve tried lots of these. My current fave is a headlamp I previously used for camping. Some tilt, have different light levels or colored lights. If you can see by the red light, that is the least distracting at night.

Another option is a clip on light I bought for my BIL and FIL for Christmas. It clips like a pen-light to the bill of a hat or whatever and has a short snakey bit for adjustment. I got them at Lowe’s. I got the idea because my mom bought ball caps with lights in the bill for my DB and DH. If you don’t mind wearing a cap…DH loves it for looking under the hood or fiddling in his boat when hitching up after dark to tow it home. It is distracting if you look up and at anyone, namely your DH if he’s driving 'cuz the LED light is pretty bright, and looks like alien robot eyes from several feet away :shock:

I read in bed a lot and hubby falls off to sleep, so I put the book light on. I’ve found that as long as it has good batteries, it’s bright enough to see really well… but as soon as the batteries even start to drain, that’s it… all over. However, if you can find one of those clip on ones, you could clip it to your seatbelt and maybe plug it into the lighter socket in the car??

I’ll have to check the hardware stores…I found a couple of sellers on ebay but I have a feeling it won’t get here in time. I KNOW with my luck it’d be lost in the mail or something :slight_smile:

My husband asked if I was going to fall asleep and snore for the whole trip (like I usually do) but I said "Heck no that’s 16 hours of knitting I can get in without ‘Mom make me breakfast’ ‘Mom wipe my butt’ ‘Mom, she’s in my room’

I’m sure they will come up with other ways to torture me in the car but I wont have to move :slight_smile:

Another vote for a camping headlamp. I bought a pair at Wallyworld, for camping, actually! But my daughter uses hers to read her books if I happen to be driving the two of us around at night.


I can just hear them now, mom, he’s/she’s touching me, mommmm, make him/her stay on his side of the seat, mommmmmmmmmm.