Knitting in stripes

Can you help me knitting stripes by carrying over the yarn? I’ve watched videos, but having trouble.

It depends on what you’re making: scarf, hat, sweater. How many rows to the stripes? Where are you having trouble?

It’s a Lionbrand pattern, Sweet Striped Hat, pattern number, L70159. So, the stripes change color every 6 rows. I just don’t understand how to carry the yarn that isn’t being worked .

This method will work well. You place the yarn you want to carry up the side over the working yarn at the beginning of the RS (right side) row.

The carried yarn will become part of the seam and won’t be seen. I don’t like this so much for a scarf where the carried yarn shows but for a hat like this one, it’ll work well.

Really sweet hat! Thanks for the pattern name.

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Thanks for your help! Not sure why this is confusing me It looks very easy

Give it a try and see if you think it works. If not, come back and we can think some more.

Thank you so much! I will get back to you if I need to You have always been so helpful I love your website

A good way to always remember this technique is the phrase “Old Over New”. Putting the “old” yarn (the one you have finished using) over the “new” yarn (the one that is now your working yarn) is always the way to lock your two yarns together. Whether you are carrying yarn up the side, or closing the sides of double-knitting, or doing intarsia color joins, this is always how it’s done. Old Over New!


Nice mnemonic, thanks!

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Not sure why something so simple is confusing me! I’ll try your suggestion!

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You know, if the carrying of yarn is stopping you getting on with the knitting, you can always just cut the yarn and join it in again later for the next stripe. There will be more loose ends to weave in later on but perhaps weaving in the ends is easier than carrying in some circumstances? The finished piece won’t look any different on the right side.

Some knitters hate to weave in ends and will adapt the project to produce as few ends as possible. I find weaving in quite relaxing and meditative though, it can be if you can get into the flow of it. If you do decide to cut the yarn remember to leave a tail long enough to weave in later, 4 to 6" and if you’re not sure how best to weave in we can find you a video tutorial.

Sometimes a stumbling block is a great learning experience and worth bashing on with until you get it…sometimes it’s preferable to move on and not get bogged down in a certain technique. All individual decisions and experiences.

It’s a pretty little hat. It would be the pom poms that would make me stumble. I tried pom poms and they were not at all round or attractive ha ha.

Good luck with it.


Thank you so much! It’s funny how something simple can prevent you from moving on, but I’m going to try again! I bought a Pom Pom kit , so your pom poms will come out perfect. I really just want to make a simple baby beanie with Feels Like Butta yarn, for a baby, size 6-12 months. Do you know how many stitches I should cast on and what size needles to use ? I’d like to use number 7 needles with this yarn. And,I’d like to see the video on weaving in ends.

This is a nice video for weaving in ends when you have knit in stockinette (that’s knit on the right side and purl kn the wrong side). If you make something in garter stitch (that’s is knit front and back) there are other methods although I generally use basically this method regardless. If you make lace or cables you may want to weave in differently, the stutch shape is different so you want it to be secure but not show on the right side.

Sorry I’m not sure about making hats, someone else might be able to suggest how many stitches. I would just find a pattern if it was me - one with the same tension as you get on the yarn you’re using.

Maybe something here

You might find something on ravelry. You can do an advanced search to include the yarn name, needle size, project type etc.
My search might not be great but maybe just to get you started…I don’t think I put the size in so perhaps jot all baby hats.

Thank you so much You have been so helpful! I appreciate it

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I like this guide for knitting hats and the chart for stitches to cast on for various sizes and yarn weights (see about halfway down the page). Knit in the round or flat, these will work.

The pom pom kits are a very good idea. I have the ones from Clover and they are so worth it.

Thank you I’ve been knitting for years, but can’t seem to find a simple beanie pattern for Feels like Butta yarn I emailed LionBrand

There’s are a couple of plain beanies on Ravelry (free to join).

Many more knit with this yarn in textured patterns for children and adult. If you looks up the yarn on Ravelry then click on Projects on the right they’ll come up. You can also search for the yarn weight (heavy worsted or aran weight) and simple knit beanie in the Advanced Search.

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