Knitting in Southern Ontario

I’ve been wondering through this site for a while and have seen some great, ideas, assistance and a sheer wealth of knowledge. So I was hoping to pick your brains a little.

Dose anyone know the process of how to donate knit projects to hospitals and Dose anyone know of any charities in Southern Ontario looking for knit items? (i.e. hat’s and scarves)

Thanks in advance for the help and advice.

You might try Googling for Charity Knitting in Southern Ontario.

Also, Google Bev’s Country Cottage. Bev has Canada listed for charity knitting and you might find Ontario listed as one of the charities. Hope you find something…so many are in need.

I belong to We Care - Maine on Ravelry (I am one of the members from Maine). Our moderator, Kathleen, does a marvelous job. We have members from many locations, not just Maine. We work on just about everything…hats, mittens, socks, baby clothes, baby blankets, etc.