Knitting in Rounds vs Knitting in Rows

Hello wonderful knitting friends!

I’m trying, at the moment, to make a poncho for a Christmas present. It says cast so many stitches on a circular needle. Done. Then Knit row one. Done.

Now it’s introducing a ribbing, and the pattern explicitly states to work in rows, not rounds. Now I’m very confused! :?? I assume this means I don’t just keep going round in circles like on the video.

Do I just flip the work over? or is there a special trick to it that I don’t understand?

Thanks in advance for your help.

At this point in the pattern, you are working rows, just like you would on straight needles. It probably is using a circular needle to accomodate the number of stitches, not so you can knit circularly.

I’d read thru all the pattern directions and see if there is any spot where you join it into a circle - there may not be.

Is there a place on line where we can see the pattern directions, or even just a photo of the finished item? That may help us be able to help you more.

Yes, in essence you will just flip the work over just like you would if knitting with straight needles. When you do this, the working yarn will hang from the left needle, but just pick it up like you normally would and insert the right needle into the first stitch on the left needle. Proceed to knit your li’l heart out. :wink:

Ahhh, I see! Now it makes sense. Once I sat down and had a fiddle with it, it all clicked in my head.

My poncho is coming along nicely now. I’d share the pattern, but it’s in a book, sorry.