Knitting in film

Here is a sort of trivia. I was thinking of when I have ever seen people knitting in movies. There are some scenes I remember but being terrible with movie trivia I cannot think of the name of the actors movie name. So I am asking if you all know of knitting in movies. Not as the main theme, but just where someone is knitting.

There is one where the actor, the main character is sent to a small town in Newfoundland to write for their paper. The woman, red hair, has children in a home care and she knits while watching hockey. I think it was made in the last decade. :think: UGGGH! I just can’t remember any more!

There’s knitting in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Granted they’re knitting by themselves but its still knitting :roflhard:

I can think of only one right now and it was a small scene…The movie is Antibodies. There is a scene where they show the main character talking to his wife and she is knitting. Really interesting movie, though definitely not for the squeamish.

I know it’s not a movie, but…

Season seven episode nine of Gilmore Girls has a heavy focus on knitting.

I watched Friday the 13th part three the other day, and right in the beginning a lady is knitting, then missing one of her needles, and ack…Jason kills her with a knitting needle.

I thought it was kind of amusing but then I’m weird that way.

Does this apply for cartoons? Wallas and grammet or chicken run:yay:

:roflhard: These are great. Now I want to rent these just to see.

I :heart: Gilmore Girls. Used to watch it all the time but stopped as I don’t know what channel and time it is on here, or are they still running it?

I can’t remember the name of the movie but Bette Davis has knit in a movie. :knitting:

I think Anne Bancroft’s character in [U]'night Mother[/U] (with Sissy Spacek) knits. Great movie!

there is knitting in Raising Helen - several times.

I think I remember Rebecca DeMornay sitting and knitting in a rocking chair on the front porch in “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle”…Creepy.

I miss the Gilmore Girls series. DH and I never missed an episode. We were so upset when they cancelled it. However, I don’t remember an episode where it was heavy on the knitting. Is there a way to see that episode?

Actually, the first Friday the 13th has Jamie Lee Curtis babysitting and knitting after the kids go to bed. She winds up stabbing Jason with the needle. Course, this was all I saw because when I saw some of the other stuff in the movie, I put it away…don’t like scary and/or sex in my movies. So, knitting could be sprinkled throughout the series.

What about the old classic where Carey Grant learns to knit to prove to a woman he is worth her time?
then later on he actually starts teaching his big-n-burley body guards how to knit, and is correcting “no, you PURL here, and don’t knit till there” or something like that
There was another movie where one of the fairly unimportant background caracters is kind-of obsessivly knitting something (focussing in close, always sitting and knitting on a bus or a cafe) Wish I remmebered that movie, but I did not like the main plot
many of the shirley temple movies have her caregivers knitting to pass the time.
that is all I can think of right now


One that comes to mind is (I think) A Tale of Two Cities (black and white, made in the 30’s-40’s), about the French Revolution, where during the trials and later the decapitaions one woman is knitting furiously.

Then there is the more recent Daredevil where the evil Bullseye is being driven to distraction on an airplane by an elderly woman in the next seat–who knits and talks nonstop.

Are you thinking of the movie Strangers on a Plane? It stars Gary Merrill, Bette’s real-life husband. Bette plays a smallish part as another character’s once-beautiful now disabled wife. When Gary’s character goes to her home to tell her about her husband’s death from a plane crash that Gary’s character survived, he finds her bed-ridden and knitting and is surprised at her condition/appearance because her husband had been showing everyone a picture of her in her all her former beauty. It’s an interesting movie.

Sadly, no, it’s not on anymore. It was cancelled before the end of last season. :cry: It was one of my favorite shows, and I LOVED the knitting episode. :rofl:

While this is not a movie, my DH and I have been watching MASH reruns. I had forgotten that Hawkeye knits in a few of them. I don’t think he ever really makes anything, at least not that I’ve seen, but he just knits away.

Julia Roberts knits in the movie America’s Sweethearts.

I think Claire knitted a baby booty in an episode of Lost.

Makes me want to sit and watch movies all weekend.:teehee:

I think that’s the Halloween movie, actually.