Knitting in ends question

If I am knitting striped hats or socks how do I knitting in the ends so I don’t have to weave them in later. I can do the end of the color I am changing to but is there a way to knit in the color I changed from?

What is the way most knitters work? Do they weave in later or knit them in as they go? Or is there another way.

Thanks for you help,

Julie :happydance:

I guess I can use the Russian join if i dont want to weave ends in after.

Thanks for giving me an excuse to watch the Russian Join video!

That looks like an EXCELLENT method…the best, I would say, if you are changing colors.

The only reason I would see NOT to do that and just weave in the ends would be if you just cant get the joined spot to end up in the right place in your work…then you’d want to weave your ends into the right colored areas.