Knitting In Denver

Been sitting in a truckstop in Denver since yesterday afternoon. I’m picking up a good paying oversized load to Miami tomorrow so have some time to kill here yet.

Knitting time!!!:cheering:

It’s times like this when I have a lot of extra time on my hands that I am really glad I took up knitting. It’s far better to just relax with some knitting than to stew over the fact that I am sitting around bored.

I should be able to make some more decent progress on the scarf today. :mrgreen:

Cool! I saw the scarf progress in another post. How long are you going to make it? Looks like it’s almost done!

And what’s next?

The scarf should be about 6’ long when finished. No idea what’s next yet. I have a couple of ideas but still have about 3 or 4 feet of scarf left to do yet.

Just got a call that the load to Miami fell through so now I will be loading about 30 miles North of Denver this afternoon heading for TX.

Ah well, such is trucking.

Mason, I know what you mean about knitting making waiting time easier to accept. Hubby and I ride to work together and yesterday he had to work about 45 minutes late, so I was stranded. I normally would have been ill about that, but I had my knitting and used the time to finish up a scarf which was presented today as a birthday gift!

It makes me think of Brad Paisley’s song “Time Well Wasted” :slight_smile:

Seems about right, all the time I spend working instead of knitting would fit that description. :rofl:

I’m still knitting instead of loading. There seems to be some confusion about when this is supposed to load. I was told after 2:00 this afternoon but when I called the guy he said it is supposed to be tomorrow afternoon.

At this point I just called dispatch and told them to figure it out and let me know. I’ll knit until I know whether, as The Clash put it, Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

I too have knit in Denver. It’s a Knitter Friendly place.:cool: The airport is a lovely spot and you can count on making a couple new friends the minute the needles come out.

The wait staff at the Hard Rock Cafe are yarn-tolerant too.:teehee:

Enjoy your stay a mile up!

Should you get a chance to wander up into Boulder during daylight hours, visit at the Table Mesa Shopping Center. Instant yarn-nirvana at the insane amount of yarn in that store. It’s pure bliss.:inlove: