Knitting in "Demolition Man"

HA! Last night my husband and I were watching the movie “Demolition Man” (w/Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes) from 1996. Imagine my surprise when Sylvester Stallone gets a ball of yarn and knitting needles which has a band wrapped around it that says something about “behavior modification” or something like that. He starts winding the yarn around his arm. Next scene, he gives Sandra Bullock the sweater he made her the night before. Funny stuff!

Yeah that was a pretty funny scene. He must be one heck of a knitter to whip out a sweater in one night :rofl:

I love that scene, i just don’t get the winding of the yarn into a hank from a ball. I always thought it’s the other way around :??.

They evidently didn’t have a knitting consultant for that movie.:teehee:

I’ve seen that movie a hundred times and I’ve never caught that scene. I found the DVD and watching it again.

That’s exactly what I said to my husband! And, Mason, I thought he must be a pretty fast knitter, too. With cables no less!

I’ve always liked that scene too and I love it when after he gives the sweater to her, he says he didn’t know why but he had had the overwhelming need to knit the night before.

She goes on to explain that it’s part of their behavior modification program at the prison. They evaluate the inmate and a computer basically “installs” a program that is in tune with that person’s abilities, personality and the profession that their psyche should feel most comfortable with.

He stares at her and goes: “You mean to say I’m a ***** seamstress?!” :roflhard:

I think I’m most amazed that he got that sweater from only one ball of yarn.


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