Knitting in Biology

In Biology we took a test the 1st half of class. After I was done, I took out my hat to work on until it was time for notes. When most had left during the break between, the teacher told me her mother crochets and is trying to knit, but her hats look funny and are pointed at the top. (I thought the way she said it was hilarious!) Then we started taking notes on DNA. During it, she said that DNA uses older strands to make new ones, and that just like she saw someone knitting a hat earlier with a pattern, the old ones were used as patterns. :yay:

See? You can interject knitting anywhere. :knitting:

Haha :smiley: that’s great!

knitting is such a great thing…

Show your teacher the Double Helix DNA scarf and see if you don’t get an A.

And then we have a hand-knit DNA model:

haha :] that’s so clever

Then there’s the Klein bottle hat, and the mobius strip.

There’s actually patterns for these… or,,diy_18180_43402,00.html

We should do a science class taught with only knitted visuals! That would kind of rock, and be hilarious.

Those links are GREAT! How awesome! :woohoo: I guess when really smart knitters get bored, stuff like that pops out. :happydance:

I took a Douhla class, and the teacher used a knitted “uterus” and a little stuffed animal to model birthing. It was hilarious (and weird) and since her model looked a little torn, I knitted her a new uterus. There were tons of patterns online!

NICE! I never thought to look for organ patterns XD

Have you seen this one: