Knitting help

Hello Everyone,

For my Computers in Education class we are to learn something over the internet…anything. I chose to learn how to knit a scarf :knitting: but ran into a problem. Once I had finished my knit stitches I would up with extra yarn on only one side of my needle (see attached twitter post) while from what the video I was watching showed the yarn on either side of the needle.

I’m not quite sure what you mean. Try posting a photo from your computer or device (tablet or phone) instead of a social media site. They don’t always work well.

It looks to me as if you’re holding out the leftover tail from your cast-on. Otherwise, your row looks fine and you’re ready to turn the piece around and start your next row with the yarn coming from the ball or skein, ignoring the tail (you can deal with that at the end of the project.)

Is it possible that the video showed one of the cast-ons that begins with a crocheted chain? A provisional cast-on would be likely to have yarn at both ends.

I think that may have been what happened. I’ll try and attach a picture, though.

Here is a picture

That’s the one I saw (there was an extra http: on it for some reason so it wouldn’t show at first.)

Go on with your knitting and don’t worry about it. There are many, many kinds of cast-ons and you can always try different ones if you don’t like the edge you get, but what you have there looks perfectly usable.