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Hi! I started knitting a baby sweater and I am trying to figure out this part of the pattern. This is the back part. I have already done the 2 3/4 inch pattern at the bottom. Now it says to knit 1st row, purl the 2nd row. Which is now st st and working through out and dec 1 st at each end of 3rd row. Here is my question, do I knit another 3 rows and do my decrease, or is my 3rd row after I begin the 1st and 2nd row of the st st.

Knit 2 rows and dec on row 3. You’ll be decreasing on rows 3,6,9,12 and so on for however many times the pattern specifies.

So, that means I have to pull out the two rows I knitted before I realized my mistake. Any thoughts on how I can get around having to do that?

What is the name of your pattern and the designer?


Matinee Coat and Helmet in King Cole Baby 4 ply - UKHKA18pdf -

You could decrease on the next row and then follow the decreases every 3 rows.
If you decide to take out the 2 rows, here’s an easy way to make sure you don’t lose sts. It’s called tinking (knitting spelled backwards):

Oh wow! Thanks for the video. Have not come across it. Very helpful. Now to decide if I want to tink 75 stitches on two rows or just continue. Either way, thanks a bunch!

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