KNitting help?

I’m currently a beginner at knitting and i have engaged myself in an ambitious project. I want to be able to knit a 8 ft by 6 ft blanket/afghan for my boyfriend by the time christmas comes… but im having a few problems. I just finished one ball of yarn and i dont know if i am supposed to continue knitting with a new ball of yarn or if i should just some how end it there? Also, is that called binding off? overall i’m quite lost on what to do and i would appreciate the advice. Thanks! :smiley:


You can just take your next ball and begin knitting with it as your new working yarn. Leave about 6" or so on your old end and the same on your new. You can loosely tie them together if you need to, but you’ll “weave” them in later. There is a video on that here.

Keep adding balls of yarn until your blanket is the size you want. Binding off is when you end your project completely and take it off the needles. You chose an ambitious project–good luck with it!

thank you so much :cheering: