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weekend jacket in marble chunky

Are you looking for a pattern perhaps for marble chunky yarn, or is it a problem with a pattern called ‘Weekend Jacket’ ?

Either way, a little more information will be needed before anyone can offer you any advice, so sorry :worried:

Have you tried, where you can put in a lot of details to make a specific pattern search, if it’s a pattern you are looking for.

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We need way more info to help you. Start with pattern name and a link. There are several weekend jacket patterns so we don’t know which one it is. If the pattern is from a book or is a purchased pattern you can post a few lines where you are having issues. A link and pattern name is always useful anyway so we can see what it looks like.

Also state what the problem is and what part you are knitting. Like the sleeve, collar or whatever.

The pattern is Kertzer Marble Chunky SRK 180 designed by Sandi Prosser. It is knitted sideways and in a combination of knit and purl. It has a fold down collar and I would like the shoulder and collar seams to be invisable. I have read that it can be done but there were no directions. Can you help me?

It looks like the collar is knit in one piece with either the fronts or back. There may be a fake seam where the collar meets the back. Perhaps a knit or purl stitch which is out of pattern.

The collar pieces may seam at the shoulder seam edges though. I would think that the shoulder seam gives some stability to the jacket and keeps it on the shoulder. You could use mattress stitch to seam and it will be fairly difficult to detect especially if you’re using the pattern yarn or a similar stripe.

I am not an experienced knitter and the collar is in two pieces front and back. The seam is on the cast on edge of both pieces and my book doesn’t tell me how to join two edges of garter stitch.

Here’s a video for mattress stitch or invisible weaving on garter stitch. It makes a very nice seam.

See if it helps. If you try it out on two swatches you can practice and also get an idea of whether you like it.