Knitting Help! Can’t work out how to fix this dropped stitch at the end of the row


I finished a row, put my work down, and noticed I dropped my last stitch. I saw a loop I assumed was the dropped stitch and picked it up (first one on my needle in picture) but my working yarn is on the second stitch instead, so this end stitch is like a loop I can’t figure out how to fix! I must of pulled the yarn through or something when it dropped, but can’t unravel it. I have tried to put a loop inside this last stitch but not sure what I’m doing to be honest! Need some help please! I also have counted my stitches (44) and it is the right amount when I include the last stitch.

My pattern for this scarf is:

Row 1: (RS): knit
Row 2: k1, p to last 2 sts, k2

My last row was a ‘row 2’ row, where the last two stitches are knits



Welcome to KH!
Take the needle with the sts in your right hand and an empty needle in your left hand, slip the last stitch back to the left needle then knit it.


I knitted that stitch but have a weird hole now :’( I had to change yellow yarn as I accidentally cut it off too early so weaved new yellow yarn in the next row after the dropped stitch. Don’t know what I did, maybe dropped another stitch?


Is the hole where you changed yarn?
The yarn strand by your finger is held to one side. If you hold it in the opposite direction does that close up the hole?


Pulled on tails in all directions and hasn’t done anything. I’ve knitted the tails in for three stitches to make it easier to weave in later (so when wrapping the yarn around when knitting a stitch I’ve taken the tail with the working yarn around the needle and the stitch looks like two stitches but it is one thicker one, hope that makes sense and am doing it right…). That’s why one of the yellow tails is 4 stitches down the row.

I weaved in more yellow 2 rows before I weaves in the black yarn. Sorry so complicated >.<


I’ve decided to unravel… twice now :flushed:
But thank you for the advice :smiley: I think it’s looking alright so far, weaved a few tails too.


Sometimes there’s nothing for it but to unravel. It looks beautiful and very nicely knit.


Thank you, that is very kind of you :smiley: