Knitting-Help: A Bad Influence?

All my life, I worked on just 1 project at a time. My mom wouldn’t buy me new yarn until the current item was finished. Now, ever since I"ve been reading about all the neat projects you all are doing, I seem to be acquiring a stash of yarn that’s waiting for me, and various bags with half-finished projects. It’s just so much fun to plan the projects and buy the yarn. :smiley: :XX:

Bad influence? Nah!!! We’re just helping you reach your full potential as a creative fiber artist! :smiley: :rofling:

Enabler!!! lol…

so, what colors do you have? do you have patterns to go with it??? lol…can I see a PICTURE…ooo…

:roflhard: :rofling: So true, so true…we do encourage one another to reach one another’s “yarn potential”…I work on mine quite often :wink:

Yes it is REAL BAD influence, on me. I just can’t stay away from this forum and shop, shop, shop ! I love it ! :heart:

Same thing happened to me… LOL I know have a ton of yarn and multiple projects going! :roflhard:

Isn’t it the truth? I mean heck, ya’ll should be in overcoats and fedoras whispering, “Hey, little girl, would you like to buy yarn online or how about some new patterns or have you tried socks?” :wink:

So we encourage this illicit love, and then we ask for porn! Show us the new stash, woman!!

KH has turned me into a yarn snob… My best friend keels over from a coronary whenever I tell her that I actually bought ACRYLIC yarn that day!!!

I went on a spree yesterday in Lexington. My knitting dragon was appeased, and Ingrid would’ve been proud.

More is on the horizon: I scored two gift certificates, to two different LYS in NH via the NHPTV auction last night. How stinking cool is that??