Knitting hats

Has anyone used elastic thread to sew into the brim of hats so they stay snug and it keeps the hats from becoming too loose.

You could try that. It might be better to knit the brim with a size or two smaller needle then switch to the main needle for the body of the hat. It’s also possible to cast on fewer sts in the brim then increase for the body of the hat.

That is a good point. I’ll definitely try casting on fewer stitches. Thank you.

That’s a good idea, I didn’t think of casting on fewer stitches for the brim. I’ll try it. Thank you

I use a strand of Woolray (coned for machine knitting) along with ribbing on brims, cuffs etc. Very elastic with lots of body. On the machine its easy to ply it so it stays in back & small color differences do not show. Its harder to do by hand but it can be done with practice. Sometimes I weave it in & out. I always have bits of it left over so its always handy to me. I have big cones of elastic thread but its hard to regulate imo. Stretch to hard here - not hard enough elsewhere. That sort of thing. I find woolray more consistent.

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It’s better to use smaller needles, switch yarn, decrease cast on stitches. Or switch to a different pattern. I have used this pattern a lot. Just finished a hat. This is easy to do and hugs the head firmly. The k6 p2 rib is interesting too.