Knitting hats on circular or dpn? help

i am a newbie to knitting
(well i learnt ages ago but never really took it anywhere and this christmas my mum taught me again)
so i’m interested in knitting hats.
I just knitted the freebee ‘apple hat’ pattern which came out very cute but far too small, i didn’t have dpn’s and i wouldn’t know what to do with them even if i did have them so i knitted it on size 5 straight needles flat and joined it up. (should have been size 6 or 7)
I created the stem bit, by knitting six stitches and then transferring them back to the other needle each time, so it was going in one direction and it kind of worked.

So, what would you suggest i buy next to continue knitting hats, dpn’s or a circular one?

which is easier?

any info appreciated.


To knit hats in the round, you really need both. A 16" circular to do the main part of the hat, and then dpns to hold the stitches when you’ve decreased to the point where you can’t fit the stitches on the circ anymore.

The best way to learn to use dpns is to start a hat on a circular and finish up with the dpns.

The alternative is to learn magic loop or knitting with 2 circs. Amy has video for both (as well as knitting with dpns).

Or you can use two circulars for the top of the hat instead of the dpns.

But dpns aren’t that hard to learn.

I made my first hat by using a circular and then going to dpns.

Anything, IMHO, is better than knitting it flat and seaming it up…I really don’t care for seaming and avoid it whenever possible.

i was contemplating a similar thought, posted this…

sounds like whatever you want to spend the $ on and then learn with those tools! Good luck!

Or you could use a longer circular and do magic loop or half a loop. Check the videos for Small diameter knitting here -

My personal preference is to use a 16" circ for the main part of the hat and then the two circs method for the top decreases.

As for making it too small, sometimes ya just have to experiment with the right number of stitches to cast on to get a hat the size you need. I’ve found that for a cap in an adult size 80 - 88 stitches come out about right depending on whether it’s ribbed or not. I tend to use around 80 if it’s ribbed as it’ll stretch more.

Of course, YMMV. :teehee:

The beginning stitch count also depends on the needle size you use. I generally go size 10 or bigger, and use about 60-75 sts for a caston.

I use a 16 inch circular and the the last few rows on dpns. Works well for me. I haven’t been brave enough to try magic loop yet.

for all your replies, now i’ve got to go check out the videos that you have linked to.

does anyone know a good reasonable UK web shop to buy needles?

Charlie x