Knitting Hat in the Round

ok, so i’m knitting a hat for my cousin and it has a pattern in it and a few rows in another color. the link is:
and i kno that knitting in the round my stripes or pattern won’t be even once i start a new round. i know i saw somewhere a video or a “how-to” thing to show me how to avoid that. i thought it was on this website but i can’t find it so does anyone know where i can find that “how to” thing or know how to fix it themselves?
(i think it said you had to pick up the stitch below and stitch that along with the one you were stitching in the first place?)
i’m horrible at explaining things…:wall:

It’s called the jogless jog.

thanks! that wasn’t where i saw it but thats it- thanks! :slight_smile:

Here’s another method.

thanks! the other method wasn’t working for me for some reason so this will really help :slight_smile: