Knitting Group in Redding California

Hello everyone. I’m hoping to get a knitting group together in Redding California. I would like us to meet either once a month or twice, depends on what everyone else wants to do. I am pretty open, just can’t be the third Thursday of every month, I have Palo Cedro Riders (horsey) that day. I know that there is a group that meets in Red Bluff, but that is a 45 minute drive (can’t afford the gas) and I’m not familier with the city enough to find the group. I’d like to get one together in a more central location in Redding. So, if any one lives here or knows knitters that live near here, please send them my way.

Darn it, I’m in Chico…Redding’s a little to far for my little putt putt car to make it.

Dang, dang, dang. So close, yet so far.

I used to live in Chico, when I used to party…errr I mean go to college.

Are you living there for school, or are you from there?

I’m originally from Oakland, CA. I moved up here to go to college, graduated about 4 years ago. I got a job here, and since I can’t afford to live in Oakland (or any other part of the Bay) and do the job I love…I’m stuck here.

I like it, but it was a lot more fun durring college.

LOL!!! Yeah, Chico is pretty fun when you don’t have any responsabilities. And yes, Chico is way to far away. It wouldn’t be worth the gas no matter what kind of car you had.

Well I know that the LYS here has some knitting groups, both ones that meet at the store, and ones that meet at the homes of some of the knitters. Have you tried that?

Are you from Redding originally?

BTW, I don’t envy you your weather, I suggest the whole city gets together and you create the biggest ice cube ever made…then everyone sits around it and you attempt to cool down. :slight_smile:

Hope the knitting group takes off. Have you tried yahoo groups? There is a seperate knitting group here in Chico that I found there. Unfoutuantely none of them appear to have jobs (i.e. college students) since they meet in the middle of the day in the middle of the week at the coffee shop

Born and raised here. I so want a huge ice cube to sit in the middle of our city and cool us off. I may have been born here, but I still don’t like the summers here.

We don’t have an LYS, but I am going to post flyers in the fabric store and at the college. Hopefully someone will answer.

Yahoo is a good idea, I’ll try that now.

Chico was great when I was in College…I lived in “The Zoo” and then the Paradise Condo’s those were great. 4 bedrooms, 2 story, garage with W&D…I rememeber paying $225 (had 3 other roomates) those were the days!!!

Ahhh, “The Zoo”, I remeber it well. Did you live there when they lit the couch on fire, and threw it on top of the manager’s car?

I used to live “in the ghetto” of chico, behind the Safeway on Nord. I have since moved and live on the “townie” side. I don’t venture into college town much, except for the requesite Bear burger, and the occasional trik races. :shrug:

I don’t drive down to Chico unless I can help it, so I have no clue what you guys are talking about. Is the Zoo a dorm?

It’s more of a…uh…holding pen for college students.

It’s actually an apartment complex in Chico (a large one) that is known for parties, and wildness. For me a fun place to visit but…And I visited a lot. :slight_smile:

Ah yes, Humboldt State had one of those too. Though they probably aren’t as bad as the “Zoo”. LOL!

No wonder Chico State used to be the number one party school in the nation, until a few others started getting into trouble. I’m hoping that distinction will die down some more before I start my Masters degree. Hmmm… maybe I could start a group when I start that. Unfortunately I have another year or so before I can start. Oh well.

I love Humboldt. I’m going there in September.

Chico State has a few really good Master’s programs!