Knitting Gifts for the Elderly (Aged)

We’ll, this is my 2nd account here. 1st 1 was fluffy bunnies. Because I used to raise angora rabbits & have more angora fiber than I could spin in a lifetime. Since I could not recover my 1st account, I just went with something similar.


Some years ago I had a similar problem. I couldn’t log in, maybe had lost my password. I’m not sure now. I created a new account, posted about the problem, and it got fixed. I went back to being GrumpyGramma and raising eyebrows over my choice of username. If my browser loses my password for some reason I guess I’ll try the same thing again.


Thank you kindly for letting me know - Cheers

By the look of your emoji !! you don’t look like such a Grumpy Gramma to me and thank you for sending your message to us - Cheers

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