Knitting gets "deadly" ;)

Anyone heard of this? It made the front page of the WSJ today:teehee:

That is sooo cool that knitting is even making the WSJ. Thanks for posting the link. That sounds like a fun game doesn’t it?

I read that article early this morning, it piqued my interest!
I think I’d like to give it a try:knitting:

LOL! That rocks my socks! :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t have time for Sock Wars this year, but last year, it was loads of fun. About time the Muggles took note! :slight_smile:

lol! sounds like fun!

Oh my gosh, that’s so cool! :slight_smile:

ROFL! I used to play Assassin in my younger days - was great fun (especially when one year, my group of friends wasn’t allowed to play in the cool gang, so we got hold of their list and did masked ‘kills’ of the people on the list and it all got very confused for them ;-)). This sounds like a great incentive! Only it would have to be something other than socks for me…

That sounds like a fun game!

I would be so dead!.:passedout:

but it would be worth the “kill”:frog: :knitting: :frog:


That is really cool…and the WSJ no less! Thanks for posting it!

I’d love to do something like this! I’d probably end up dead pretty quickly since I’m not a fast knitter, but it would be fun :slight_smile:

Finally, a reason for me to learn to knit socks… :roflhard:

So when do we start? :wink:

Hey, even if you die, you get a new pair of hand knitted socks out of the deal!

Wow! That does sound like a ton of fun, I’ll be interested in joining next year, hehe! :happydance:

That was so funny. While I was reading it I was laughing my head off so now my co-workers think I’m really insane! None of them are knitters so they really don’t get it. But maybe I’ll give socks a go next!

That sounds like a really fun game! I could never play though. It sounds like it takes a lot of focus. My 7 UFOs demonstrate that I don’t have that!