Knitting from a cone?

Do you need some sort of fancy contraption to knit from a cone of yarn?? I’m eyeing some yarn on a cone but have never bought a whole cone of yarn to knit from…is it better to wind it into a couple of balls (i’m sure it must be for the sake of portability…) or what?

you could get a ball winder and wind it into a ball, but otherwise, I would say to knit straight off the cone. If you don’t want it to wobble around, you can get one of those yarn containers.

I knit from a cone and it doesn’t cause me any problems. :slight_smile: I rather like it because it doesn’t move around.

i’m currently knitting from a cone, and it’s not a problem at all. it sits straight and doesn’t roll around like a ball can. my only gripe with the cone is although i know how much is on it, i feel like i have no idea how much is left.

oh, and you’ll also have fewer ends to weave in, if it really is one long strand of yarn.

cool! I have a ball winder so I guess I could wind it into balls if I wanted or I could just try knitting from the cone. 1 cone of the yarn I’m looking at is 10 yards less than what the pattern calls for so I’ll probably buy an extra skein (it comes that way too) just in case there isn’t any extra from the pattern. Thanks guys!