Knitting from a chart in the round

I’m planning a Christmas sweater for my daughter, an adult, and am hoping to use a chart, rather a pattern for the entire work. I’ve never used a chart before, and am slightly panicked at the thought. I found from a previous question that I always read from the right to the left and am assuming that I start at the bottom of the chart, but need confirmation, although I can see that nothing else would work.

Charts in the round are read from right to left for every round.

However, if you’re planning on using a motif in the middle of a solid background (intarsia), you can’t do that in the round. As you work across the motif, your yarn will be at the wrong end to complete the next row. The only way you can do intarsia in the round is if the main color is part of the motif pattern, then there’s a kind of complicated way to do it.

Your best bet is to knit the pieces of the sweater flat. Then the right side (knit) of the chart is read right to left, and the wrong side (purl) is read left to right.

Thanks Ingrid, I never would have thought of that. I fuess I’ll just have to do it flat and then put it together. I do so hate seams, though.

I don’t think anyone likes seaming! :verysad: